Aztec Capital Management LLC (“Aztec Capital”) was founded in 2020. While life as we know it came to a halt in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Partners of Aztec Capital viewed the climate as an opportunity to support and invest in start- up and emerging growth, private companies throughout the Midwest. Aztec Capital is a for-profit investment fund that seeks to invest not only capital, but also our expertise, energy and network in differentiated, niche leading businesses. Aztec Capital’s objective is to build great companies by investing and partnering with world class entrepreneurs and management teams. We are committed to providing the support and expertise required to grow and expand businesses into market leaders through accelerated organic growth and strategic acquisitions. While we are not day-to-day operators of our portfolio companies, we are actively involved in strategic decision making and are willing to roll up our sleeves to help execute value-added initiatives. We have flexible capital and transaction structures that allow us to work closely with management teams to accomplish their growth objectives. Given the private nature of our capital, we can act on investment decisions quickly. Aztec Capital’s partners value integrity, discipline, efficiency, accountability and our potential partners’ time. We place a premium on direct, honest communication and negotiation. We believe that this sets the stage for a more effective longer-term partnership with less wasted time and risk. 

Aztec Capital was formed to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Michael Bushey, a self-made, successful investor. Aztec Capital was founded with core character traits of Dr. Bushey : honesty, integrity, innovation, creativity, paying it forward and most importantly of all, family. 

Our core principles, which include: (i) being discipline and strategically investing, (ii) relentlessness and unwavering commitment, (iii) flexibility and fairness, (iv) being active and empowering others to develop, (v) accountability, and (vi) patience, yet being opportunistic, to guide all phases of our investment process, from the moment we begin evaluating an investment opportunity, through our partnership period with our management teams, and culminating with our exit strategy.